Head shot of Tom Wybenga, Ex-President of the South African Institute of Valuers. He is a handsome man with dark, straight eyebrows above blue eyes and silve-blond hair brushed back from his forehead. He wears a white shirt with grey stripes, a shiny grey tie and a dark grey suit jacket.
During my career as City Valuer of Sandton (1981 to 1995), I often consulted with Ms Burman who was inter alia regarded as an expert in the field of Sectional Title sales. I experienced that she was (and still is) not only well-versed in the many aspects of property marketing but also property valuation... During my term of office on the Branch Executive and later the National Executive of the S.A. Institute of Valuers (1985 to 1995), Ms Burman was elected as a member. During 1987 she was the first female to be elected as a member of the National Executive. I was privileged to be elected President of the S.A. Institute of Valuers and can attest to the fact that she did excellent work at National Executive level in the interest of the Valuer’s profession.
by Tom Wybenga
Ex-President, S.A. Institute of Valuers
I have known Delene Burman for thirty five years, since she joined my company, Manprop Realtors, as a broker specializing in sectional title sales. Delene went on to study for the PREP course at UNISA and then practiced in business for her own account. Over the years she has gained extensive experience and has proved to be highly professional and successful not only in the marketing of large developments under sectional title, but also specializing in residential properties in St James and Kalk Bay. I have no hesitation in recommending Delene as a highly knowledgeable and experienced real estate broker.
by David Price
Founder, Manprop Realtors
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by Happy Client

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