Danger Beach

Cyclist killed last Wednesday Main Road, St James

Pedal Power Association invited cyclists to meet at 6.45 am this morning at the spot where a commuter cyclist was killed last week.  A White ghost cycle was placed on a polel on the pavement. About 40 cyclists gathered round some with boards  that said CYCLISTS  STAY ALIVE AT 1.5 meter. Sports minister made a short speech. t The traffic was slow so  we reminded the public to be careful...

Bluebottle invasion on Danger Beach

On Sunday morning while swimming in the St James pool I nearly swallowed a clump of bluebottles so I leapt out of the pool. On examining the beach, it seemed that there weren't so many of them, and they were rather limp and seemed not to have any tendrils. Nevertheless, I decided to play it safe. Later, while walking across Danger Beach to Dalebrook pool, I saw that the surf high tide mark was thick...

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