Camps Bay Hillclimb Commemorative Run

On the 11th of November 2012, 61 Crankers in their cars met at the Camps Bay High School rugby field to celebrate the Hillclimbs which were driven from 1917 till 1962.  The background of the 12 Apostles and Camps Bay beach was wonderful to see.  There was a festive atmosphere and the misty morning became a warm sunny day.  I went with Derek in Jon's recently restored 1959 Ford Anglia.  The car was...

Crankhandle Club Swartland rally 19 April 2008

During the week Jon and I accepted that the MGB could not be ready in time for the Swartland rally with the Crankhandle Club .  Jon prepared the 1971 Jaguar which was so comfortable and warm in the rain.  Schuppa, the Border Collie, easily fitted on to the back seat. We met the Crankers at Milnerton Paddling club on the beach.  There were 32 cars.  We departed at 2 minute intervals in the rain. ...

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