Fish Hoek

View over Clovelly Golf Course from the clubhouse to Fishhoek. The rich lush grass-green of the course contrasts with the darker trees in the middle distances and the relative dryness of the hill beyond. Several sand traps like in the rear-centre of the image. A golfer in an orange T-xhirt is visible at the far right of the image.

Country Club Dinner with a View

Clovelly Country Club On Friday evening my partner and I enjoyed a delicious dinner with his cousins at the Clovelly Country Club. We sat at a table on the Deck, the outdoor terrace of the Clovelly Country Club, to see the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. It was cold so the waiter provided a tall gas heater to keep us warm. It was lovely to sit there all evening. The view over the Fish Hoek beach and...

Surfing on Fish Hoek beach at high tide

Keith, Laura, Joseph and Grandolin surfed on the beach in perfect tide conditions. Joseph rode the waves several times with the biggest board. No photos because we were all catching waves. Then while we enjoyed lunch on the beach the children fed the seagulls with bread. The swings and jungle gym kept Laura and Joseph...

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