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I often say that I live in Paradise! Then I have to explain that it’s not a suburb name, just the best word I can think of to describe an area that feels to me like heaven on earth. The exquisite beauty of the Cape coastline is famous around the world, but for me it’s a reality far beyond pictures.

Kalk Bay

It’s just amazing to think that I can actually live here, on the side of a mountain (a nature reserve) overlooking False Bay. I can see whales from my living room window, breathe sea air and walk or cycle to the beach for my daily swim.

Kalk Bay and neighbouring St James and Muizenberg offer a huge variety of leisure options and I take advantage of as many of these as I can, whenever I can! Watch my blog for the latest fun that’s being had!

For more information on the area, you could look at these sites:

Kalk Bay
Harbour Music Club
Kalk Bay Interactive Internet Services
Kalk Bay History
Peninsulainfo.co.za Kalk Bay
Natale Labia Museum, Muizenburg
Bevan Pank: hike the False Bay champagne trail

Local Government
City Council of Cape Town
South Peninsula Sub-Council
Ward 64: Saint James Councillor Demetri Qually
Ward 70: Kalk Bay Councillor Felicity Purchase

Travel Info
South Africa
Cape Town
South Africa
Cape Town
Cape Town
Western Cape

Cape Town – Today
Cape Town – 5-day Forecast
S.A. Weather Service
South African Surfing Report
Tidal info – Graphical
Tide Tables – detailed

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5 thoughts on “About Kalk Bay”


    I spent holidays here with my grandparents from 1925 -1928 and have great memories of the magical place that ST. James’s was then. Glad to hear that it is still a paradise.


    I spent holidays from 1924-1928 with my grand parents at ST JAMES’S to me it was a magical place. I am delighted to hear that it is still paradise. long may it continue. Are there still the millions of perfect minute shells in the sand?

  • Delene

    Dear C M Poels,
    Shells are on Dalebrook beach. Yesterday my friend decided to sell her flat where she has been looking at the Kalk Bay reef surfers for 27 years. I saw it 3 times yesterday.

  • Fiona Soukup

    Hi Delene,
    Here is a little blast from the past…
    I found your site via Tia’s blog. We reconnected a couple of years ago on the Internet. I am in Los Angeles with my husband Bob and 2 children we adopted last year from Haiti. I am originally from Fish Hoek and Simonstown so I am terribly home sick right now. I grew up on the beaches in False Bay and know all the places you so lovingly call Paradise and I agree it is!!!
    I dream we will move back some day and I will certainly consult you when we do so. Do you know anyone who would want to ‘house-swap’? We live between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, just inland a little from Ventura. There’s amazing bike riding around here too…
    About 7 years ago Bob and I stayed in a flat in St James for a week and made it our base for exploring Cape Town. We were hoping to come next year with our children, but with the current economy it will take a little longer before we do so again. We were last in Cape Town about 5 years ago(we stayed in the city that time) before commencing the adoptions and we travelled only to Haiti throughout the lengthy process.
    Life is good!

  • Delene

    Hi Fiona,
    How lovely to hear from you. Long ago I did a property tour of LA which included the early times in Orange County.
    Glad that life is good.
    I would love to see you in St James on your next visit. I will keep your Home Swap in mind for anyone I hear of that might be suitable.


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