Cycling with the Recyclers at Langebaan

Arrival in Posberg Park

On the way to our cycling adventure in Langebaan in September, Jon and I chose to drive through the West Coast National Park into the Posberg Park where no cyclists are allowed.

There were more flowers and animals than I have ever seen in this park. There was no wind. The waves were not big as they have been on previous visits.

Lunch with sea and flowers

We enjoyed lunch close to the sea and flowers. It was beautiful to see the sea and the flowers.

Cycling at last!

When we arrived at Hannie’s house we found that my red suitcase was missing. So I spent 3 days wearing my cycling clothes. The item I missed the most was my toothbrush!!!  So I purchased another.

The next day we cycled from the house into the national park to Kraalbaai’s beach.  It is a sandy beach on the edge of the Langebaan lagoon.  It is usally to cold to swim in the water in spring.

We enjoyed a lovely evening with 20 Recycler friends who came to braai with us in Hannies lovely garden. Next day we drove to Saldahna Bay where we cycled in the Navy’s shooting range. It is the best ever ride on good paths with sea views and flowers and no hills!! Afterwards, we picnicked on the beach.


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In the evening Heather, Ray, Clare, Hannie and Jon and I enjoyed the babotie at home in Hannie’s cottage.  On Sunday morning, after cleaning up, Hannie and I swam in the lagoon.  It was cold but pleasant.

We drove home in 2 hours 30 Min.

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