Mountain bike ride in Constantia

Constantia Berg

One of my favourite activities close to Kalk Bay is my weekly mountain bike ride with the Tuesday Tribe in the Constantia valley, between 5 wine farms, oak trees and the Tokai forest. There are green belts with trails between the beautiful houses.

My daughter from London enjoys the rides too.

The trees are being removed to allow the indigenous fynbos to grow.

Constantia Berg
There are hundreds of houses in this valley with the wine farms and forest.
The fynbos flowers are already flowering. There are lots of Pelargoniums.

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2 thoughts on “Mountain bike ride in Constantia”

  • Patrick

    Hi Delene

    I leave in Cape Town and went riding in Constantia valley yesterday, see a lot’s of trails in the Constantia residential area can one cycle on those trails, are the people ok with Mountain bikers?
    Which trails are you refering?

    • Delene

      Hi Patrick,
      I am still learning about this site. I thought I replied to you in December but my daughter (my teacher) has just pointed out that I did not.
      We cycle all the trails that we find in Constantia. Many of them have boards saying you can cycle. I do not know of one that we cycle where you are forbidden to cycle.


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