Kalk Bay bookshop hosted Peter Godwin

Kalk Bay Bookshop often hosts authors promoting a new book. These events are well attended by residents and their friends who enjoy a glass of wine and delicious snacks. At a recent event, the shop was so full that they had a camera sending Peter Godwin’s presentation, about his latest book The Fear, to people sitting in The Annex restaurant behind the shop.

He spoke for an hour. It is awful what is happening in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe can continue his rule because of the discovery of diamonds in 2008 which provides money for him and his cronies. The Chinese are doing business with Mugabe and have no interest in human rights.

The extracts that he read are cruel. It is not a genocide but a politicide — all those serving in the opposition are tortured and their bodies are broken. The hospitals cannot help them because the doctors do not have any supplies.

The Fear
The Last Days of Robert Mugabe
by Peter Godwin

Following the huge success of Mukiwa and When a Crocodile Eats the Sun, Peter Godwin returns to Zimbabwe to consider the last days of Mugabe.

This is a moving personal account of Zimbabwe under Mugabe’s terror. In mid-2008, after 30 years of increasingly tyrannical rule, Robert Mugabe, the 84-year-old ruler of Zimbabwe, met his politburo. He had just lost an election. But instead of conceding power, he was persuaded to launch a brutal campaign of terror to cower his citizens.

Journalist and author Peter Godwin was one of the few observers to slip into the country and bear witness to the terrifying period that Zimbabweans call, simply, the Fear.


Told with a brilliant eye for detail and Godwin’s natural storytelling gifts, this is a story framed by personal loss. But most deeply, it is a moving and stunning account of a people grotesquely altered, laid waste by a raging despot. It is about the astonishing courage and resilience of a people, armed with nothing but a desire to be free, who challenge a violent dictatorship. … THE FEAR is, finally, an important, brilliant testament to humanity’s ability to transcend fear, to rise up, even in the face of astounding adversity.


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