Ballet and fashion at Casa Labia

On Friday 12 November I attended, at the Casa Labia Cultural Centre, a wonderful occasion to raise money for the Cape Town City Ballet company.

I was thrilled to show my daughter from London this gracious landmark building so close to Kalk Bay and St James. Welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine in the foyer of the Ballroom, we enjoyed delicious snacks and delightful conversation with other guests.

We walked around the ground floor to see the beautiful paintings and furniture in the rooms. Standing in the garden overlooking the waves at Surfers Corner, Muizenberg, I recalled with pleasure a friend’s wedding which I helped organise 17 years ago; the first time Casa Labia was used as a wedding venue.

Once seated in the magnificent ballroom, we had a good view of the evening’s proceedings. Dancers performed repertoire excerpts, interspersed with fashion models showing clothes by Rosenwerth. Cape Town City Ballet was founded in 1936, and was apparently the first ballet company in the world.

On arrival we had been invited to put business cards in a silver bowl. Imagine my delight that the lucky draw turned up my card! I received a large bag of beauty products from Healing Earth which guarantees that I will be beautiful for next year’s event!

After the show we congratulated Antonia Labia Hardres-Williams who now runs the venue so successfully. I look forward to next year’s event.

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