De Doorns visit on the Hex Pass Eco Train

On Saturday, at Hexpass station, 19 Recyclers boarded the Hex Pass Eco train which is pulled by a tractor on the railway line to travel up the mountain. The railway was purchased by farmer Stefaan Jordaan. We chugged up and up around bends and through tunnels to Tunnel Station. Here we disembarked to enjoy the panoramic view of the Matroos mountain and the veld. The guide, John, served us Muscadel and grape juice. John gave us information on the fauna, flora, geology and Anglo-Boer War history.

Hexpass station
Hexpass station


The journey continued to a picnic spot with huge trees. We all provided our own picnics before starting the return journey on our bikes. The narrow path beside the railway line with a sheer drop on the other side  was tricky. Once we arrived back at Tunnel station we relaxed on a wide jeep track to continue the ride down the mountain which was wonderful and so quiet. There were numerous punctures. It was so remote from the ordinary world.



Just before departure down the mountain.

The narrow track next to the railway.

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