Baboon visit

Today Anele, son of Eric with one tooth, visited Eight Bells.


I returned at 4.30 pm and was about to enter through the back door when I saw a baboon eating the nuts in the basket that Laura arranged when she departed for Lux. The alarm had gone off and the Mountain Men arrived before I could ring them. He entered through the window which is always open for the Webcam.
He did not like the spicy biscuits in the packet but took off with the jar of rice which he is eating on the roof.


Please watch out for my jar as I heard that some people get the jars and bowls back unbroken.
The Baboon monitors research team plan a trap at a neighbours house on Friday afternoon. They want to return him to his forest in Tokai.

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One thought on “Baboon visit”

  • Tia

    Wow, that’s nature coming to town for you! Rather a baboon than any other kind of burglar, I’d say! It reminds me of one of the episodes in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency story.


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