Crankhandle Club organised the Swartland rally 19 April 2008

During the week Jon and I realised that the MGB could not be ready in time for the Swartland rally. Jon prepared the 1971 Jaguar which was so comfortable and warm in the rain. Schuppa, the Border Collie, easily fitted on to the back seat.

In pouring rain, we met the Crankers at Milnerton Paddling club on the beach. There were 32 cars which included Austins, Jags, Rolls Royces, Mercede Benzs, MGs, and more.

We departed at 2 minute intervals in the rain. However we soon drove out of the rain along the coast road to Melkbosch Strand. Following our rally pages we crossed the N7 and drove up and down rolling hills and valleys to Malmesbury Rugby Club. While navigators worked at calculating times and distances on the rally sheets, the drivers fed us with delicious hamburgers. New Jaguars were displayed at the club but I prefer the old ones.

Back on the road we should all have skipped the first turn to Lady Loch but some were lucky and took the second turn so they will have passed the marshalls. We skirted Wellington and followed the R45 to Tulbach with a left turn on a loop to drive on the old road. Missed marshalls again?

Driving through the Nuwekloof pass we again planned that we will do it on bicycles. After the pass I was so disappointed to find that the rally finished.

We were in Tulbach which is lovely village. It was damaged in 1968 by an earthquake. The Cape Dutch houses have been beautifully restored.

We stayed in comfortable accommodation in Hunters Rest.

The prizewinners dinner and Sunday breakfast was at the beautiful wine farm, Montpellier.

The house was approached by a splendid avenue of gum trees.

The winners of the rally were 147 seconds wrong after 3 hours of following the rally sheets. It was really fun and friendly rally. I look forward to next year.

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