PHSG Old Girls celebrate 100 years

Recently I flew to Pretoria to attend a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the PHSG Old Girls Association. I breakfasted with 30 ladies who were at school with me 50 years ago. It was amazing to hear their stories and where they had worked and travelled. I met Elaine De Villiers who was full of praise about my talented daughter and her writing ability. I liked hearing that. Pauline Spruyt, who was head girl in 1954, announced her retirement from the committee of the Old Girls. She is as popular now as she was in 1954. We all love her.

I was delighted to see that the gardens and sport fields are still in the same place. None of the land has been sold. The Oak Drive and Pine Drive are still there. The buildings have grown and are beautiful. The museum was interesting. The spectacular hall with thick wooden beams is still there but the seats around the organ have been doubled in number.

My aunt attended the school in 1926 and there has been some member of the family at school ever since.

Today’s pupils at the school look as we used to look, with similar green dresses. But summer hats and winter berets are no longer worn.

The sad thing to experience was the high security on the gates. The bicycle sheds are gone because it is not safe to cycle.

The school is very well-equipped with everything the pupils need to achieve success in academics, music, art, computers and sports.

It was lovely to see my school friends again but I also had fun catching up on cousins, Gary and Bronwyn and 3 sons, Lauren and Paul and their three children. Their mother, Olga was fun to be with in her home.

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