Cycling in the Constantia vineyards

As the sun rose over the sea I cycled into the Constantia vineyards for a mountain bike ride through the vineyards. When the sun became too hot we cycled in the shade in Tokai forest for an hour. Finally chose to have a delicious breakfast in Lakeside.

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4 thoughts on “Cycling in the Constantia vineyards”

  • Tia

    Wow, it sounds wonderful! We woke up to a cold day again… I’d rather be on a bike with you! How many people were on the ride?

  • Eyal

    What was served in that delicious breakfast?

  • Delene

    Tia, 9 cyclists who laugh a lot!

    Eyal, It was at Deli Delicious at the Lakeside centre and I wish I could get a copy of the menu for you. We must go there when you can visit Cape Town again.

  • eazulay

    I’m looking forward to it!


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