Whales in Kalk Bay, Cape Town

My guest at lunch today, whose family have been in Kalk Bay/St James for 123 years, was so excited to see from our dining table the ALBINO whale and her baby (also albino) in the bay. He said that 50 years ago there was one whale who came every year and they called her Wendy. Now we have so many whale visitors we no longer count them. However, we have never seen an albino whale before.

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3 thoughts on “Whales in Kalk Bay, Cape Town”

  • Tia

    How wonderful! I’ve never seen an albino whale either. Amazing that you can see it from your dining room table.

  • Delene

    The whales are not visible now because the South Easter is blowing gale force and the waves are high.

  • Kate

    I love whale season. Do you remember the pod we watched from the bikes 5m off Duncairn rocks last year?


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